FENIBAT - 3ª Feira Nacional e Internacional de Baterias de Chumbo + Conferência

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The FENIBAT will gather at the Events Center of Londrina, Parana, Brazil, May 27 and 28, 2019 - Monday and Tuesday - all managerial and technical staff of the Brazilian and Latin American lead-acid battery and lead recycling industry. It aims to promote new products, services and technologies for national and international manufacturers of batteries and lead recyclers.

For the third time, and already consolidated as one of the world's largest in the field, a technical-trade fair will happen in the country and we invite your company to participate of it.

If your company is a supplier of the sector, it may participate as an Exhibitor and also presenting a speech at the FENIBAT Technology Forum about your products and services for this industry. Do not miss this opportunity to make new customers and to strengthen the positions already conquered in the market.

If you participate of this industry, this will be a unique opportunity to know all novelties available in the Brazilian and international market.


The FENIBAT was created for people involved in lead-acid battery and lead recycling industry, involving the entire production and administrative chain. The FENIBAT aim is to strengthen those industries, bringing updated information and stimulating business at national and international level.

The FENIBAT will bring information of interest to:

• Business owners, managers and investors;

• Managers, supervisors and technicians of Purchasing, Production, Projects and Product Development, Quality Control, Laboratories, Health and Safety, Environment, Metrology, etc.;

• Academic, teachers, scholars and researchers in electrochemistry, metallurgy, ecology, etc.


Please wait for the full program of the 3rd FENIBAT


The FENIBAT Exhibition will feature nearly 100 booths of suppliers of products and services for lead-acid batteries and lead recycling industry.

Brazilian and International manufacturers and distributors of the following will be exhibiting their products and services:

• Lead recycling equipment;

• Pollution control equipment for batteries and lead recycling factories;

• Machines for the production of oxide, grids, pasting and plate curing;

• Assembly lines for automotive, motorcycles, traction and stationary batteries;

• Formation and charging equipment and equipment for electrical laboratory;

• Finishing and final test lines;

• Robotized production systems;

• Separators, boxes, covers, labels, accessories, etc.;

• Lead, additives, expanders and auxiliary materials;

• Personal hygiene products and safety and personal protection equipment;

• Logistics services, import and export;

• Software for management of administrative processes, production and distribution, etc.

Same as on previous issues in 2013 and 2015, new international companies will be for the first time in Brazil and Latin America to offer their products and services.


We are preparing a highly interesting technical programme. Wait for it!